About Us

MOHAWK has created in USA since 1989. It has always prided itself by working on quality competition-grad car audio gear, and setting the trends that the industry follows. By combining the highest quality design, engineering and R&D, they constantly patent and release new technologies to increase performance.

MOHAWK's force thrusts its listener to the attitude of choice, whether it's radical or chilled. Power doesn't have to behind scarified for style. MOHAWK's versatility delivers the freedom to have booth. These rugged drivers were designed to be used effectively in ported systems and sealed enclosures, because they are "precisely engineered" to provide years of high performance sound at an affordable price.

The music is thumping. The speakers are pounding and MOHAWK is just as cool as when the party started. A well designed speaker like MOHAWK delivers confidence because they're cool when is needed most, when the music's really hot. Staying cool add life to drivers. Wimpy Voice coils fry under intense heat, but MOHAWK is built to stay cool under pressure, because being cool is as important to speakers as it is you.

MOHAWK has full range of product, such as amplifiers, cables, capacitor, components, signal processors, woofer, damping, and fuse. MOHAWK is known by our customers in practically every country on the planet for our broad selection of innovation, exciting product. Today, MOHAWK products are distributed in over 30 countries throughout the world and enjoy a reputation for reliability and technological innovation.